Welcome to the world of Grand Tradition Hotels & Resorts, a collection of three-star to five-star independently owned or distinctively branded hotels and resorts receiving international sales and marketing representation under one umbrella.

Reasonable Membership Fees
Successfully operating since 1988, Grand Tradition Hotels & Resorts represents properties that exhibit the charm and atmosphere of restored historical or classic-contemporary designs. We market to a vast audience that prefers a unique style of hotel without charging exorbitant membership fees for minimal sales results.

Become Part of a Family
By joining Grand Tradition Hotels & Resorts, owners and operators become part of a family of hoteliers who have operated hotels successfully for many years and who have a clear, hands-on knowledge of sales, marketing and technology implementation.

The Bottom Line
In today's economic climate, and with the demands being placed on hotels to remain competitive, it's no longer possible for independent operators to effectively market by themselves. At Grand Tradition Hotels & Resorts, we will work with our members, side-by-side in the trenches, striving toward a common goal: "bottom line focus and commitment."

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